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Wash Out

Miami Powder was founded in 2009 by myself, the Owner/CEO Raul D. Azcuy. I  have always been into cars and have worked on cars. In 2009 I decided to  start my own business in powder coating. I started  in my backyard with a homemade oven until I  was able to have my own shop. Finally in 2010 I  was able to open my first powder coating shop. I wanted to  offer premium customer service and the best powder-coating finishing available. Today we have become a well known name in the industry and have been able to work on not only on cars but many other projects. I  have been applying finishes for leading manufacturers in the automotive industry for years as well as other big companies. We offer the highest quality finished product!

If you’ve ever thought about finishing or refinishing something, powder coating is hands down the best option available. If it's metal and fits in our oven we can coat it!  Automotive, marine parts, wheels, furniture, machine components, aeronautics, and even medical equipment. We offer countless color options for the apex in style while protective coating your valuables.

Process of


- Chemical cleaning to remove grease, oils, or paint

- Immersive Sand blasting to remove rust, and foreign materials such as calcium build up


- Touch up work to secure a perfect prepping process

Man Cleaning Car

Phase One


- Preheat to insure a perfect coat

- Activate electrostatic compression spray on receiving object with precision

Engine Check

Phase Two


- Cure & Cool

- Reassembly

Car Mechanic

Phase Three


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